Ms. Carmen MA

Assistant Professional Service Manager (Child Life)
Children's Cancer Foundation
(Hong Kong)

Carmen Ma is a dedicated child life professional with over 15 years of experience empowering children and their families. As a Certified Child Life Specialist, she works to prepare young patients for medical procedures, alleviate fears and anxieties, and help develop coping skills. Carmen holds a Master's degree in Family Counseling and Family Education. She is also a registered social worker and hypnotherapist.

Throughout her career, Carmen has focused extensively on supporting oncology patients, including facilitating medical play, providing distraction techniques, and normalising hospital experiences. Her goal is to ensure that children feel in control of their healthcare journey. In addition to direct patient care, Carmen is passionate about advocating for the psychosocial needs of pediatric patients within the healthcare system, promoting patient and family-centered care.

Committed to empowering young voices, Carmen's work ethos is "Conquer Challenges ahead with our children." Through her compassion and expertise in child life, Carmen enhances resilience and improves the quality of life for patients and families.


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